Even though there are variations with shingles, the major groups of materials used is not extensive. Naturally, you will come across some that are not ideal for you, but that is the usual experience with everyone, so at least it’s not like you’re being picked on.

Material Types

But you’re not at all alone with this, and it’s something everyone who replaces a roof goes through. It’s common to find particular types of roof shingles that can only be used either in hotter or colder climates.

So many other factors come into play with wood shingles, and there’s the type of wood, the cut, the design, and more. You can go with premium cut shingles of this type, and these are actually cut by hand and prepared. Too many times people will not realize how much is involved here because there are additional fees with the old roof and preparation, etc. Sometimes the wood will have a natural way of increasing this angle since it’s wood and not flat, low profile shingles.

PVC Roof

If you want to have a highly fire resistant roof, then one of the more popular roofing materials is PVC. Talk to your roofing contractor, and you want to find one who specializes in PVC roofing, as well. Be sure that your PVC roofing is firmly in place, and this is a precaution for storms in which very high winds can damage the PVC. Learning about all the things that are relevant to your roof and PVC will probably decide things for you as it just makes very good sense.

If you have ever been on a PVC roof, then you experienced the feeling of a slippery surface it can be. Even when it’s not wet you’ll find that it is very slippery, and this is an obvious hazard to anyone walking on it. PVC has excellent chemical resistance which makes them a very good choice for chemical related businesses. You should explore getting coated PVC shingles as this will lock in the ingredients in the PVC.

There are honest roofing contractors around who will give you some solid tips for the types of roofing materials. Yes of course there is some work involved, but there’s the question of you working in the best interest of your investment. Once you begin to gain knowledge, then you will see that it’s not all that hard.